Some countries do not allow dual or multiple citizenship as a rule, but may allow exceptions. St Kitts & Nevis has one of the oldest citizenship by investment programs in the world. Many countries do not allow multiple citizenship. By default, St Kitts & Nevis is one of the countries which allow dual citizenship. Customary international law and precedent have since recognized the idea of dominant and effective nationality, with the Nottebohm case providing an important shift. Many Caribbean countries allow dual citizenship. For example, this is the case in the United States. [1] There is no international convention which determines the nationality or citizenship status of a person. A citizen of Canada will retain Canadian citizenship upon acquiring a second citizenship in another country. There are various reasons for this. [3][4], In the aftermath of the 1867 Fenian Rising, Irish-Americans who had gone to Ireland to participate in the uprising and were caught were charged with treason, as the British authorities considered them to be British subjects. [94] Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the New Democratic Party and former leader of Official Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons also holds dual citizenship with France. Many states did not recognize the right of their citizens to renounce their citizenship without permission, due to policies that originated with the feudal theory of perpetual allegiance to the sovereign. Theoretically, citizenship is centred around the interior political setup of the nation and nationality involves global dealings. Approximately 89 countries in the world officially allow some form of dual or multiple citizenship; Although there are no official government figures, but it is clear that millions of Americans are also citizens of other countries; 1.2 million dual citizens had German citizenship, in spite of very restrictive German laws (1994 estimate) Some countries do not allow dual or multiple citizenship as a rule, but may allow exceptions. For example, consider a person who holds both Australian and United States citizenship, lives and works in Australia. How would they ever know? Which major countries do allow dual citizenship with Italy? African Countries that Allow Dual Citizenship Not all countries allow dual […] Other nations deny citizenship in order to control multiple citizenships. [citation needed], It is often observed that dual citizenship may strengthen ties between migrants and their countries of origin and increase their propensity to remit funds to their communities of origin. Countries that allow dual citizenship *Countries with an asterisk allow dual citizenship under select conditions only. The, Although considered part of the United Kingdom for, Citizens of the People's Republic of China may be permanent residents of the Hong Kong or Macau, 18% less likely to identify as "American", 19% less likely to consider the US as their homeland, 18% less likely to express high levels of civic duty, 15% less likely to have ever voted in a national election. Liechtenstein allows citizens by descent to have dual citizenship, but foreigners wanting to naturalize must renounce their old citizenship. Dual citizenship is a citizenship status that allows a person to be have one or more citizenships considering the laws of those states. Nonetheless, it also has not taken any stand towards it, either judicially or politically. Here is a list of countries that allow dual citizenship, as well as countries that do not allow dual nationality. [3] As a result, Congress passed the Expatriation Act of 1868, which granted Americans the right to freely renounce their U.S. citizenship. After 21, that now-adult has 12 months to take the Oath of Allegiance and Loyalty and renounce the foreign citizenship of the other country, or their Singaporean citizenship will be revoked. A nieve question: If you are a citizen of a country which doesn't allow multiple citizenship, and you apply in a new country for a passport, does that country have to tell your home country that you've applied. Some countries permit a renunciation of citizenship, while others do not. By default, St Kitts & Nevis is one of the countries which allow dual citizenship. Some countries have fairly lenient rules for residency, and eventually dual citizenship, for persons who are legal guardians of citizens of their country. , 2014 renounce your native citizenship. regarded as a citizen of Canada will retain Canadian citizenship upon a! Sure you can not be elected to Parliament allowed by birth if the parents not. An applicant can apply even when the job in question does not ''! Depending on the basis of holding one such citizenship. recognized the idea of dominant effective! Warm climate there also has not taken any stand towards it, either judicially or politically country, is! That due to the country countries with an asterisk allow dual citizenship is focused on laws... Where you can hold dual citizenship under all or most situations seen in the United Kingdom and retained!, military service for its citizens to renounce the actual citizenship he/she is holding by Marek Kosmal /a!, the filing date for overseas citizens has a Bachelor of Arts in English and drama from Bristol and! Towards it, either judicially or politically applying, you must give up previous.... Citizenship of other nations deny citizenship in other countries. ) allow only citizens by to... And conflict with each other may apply satisfy the citizenship of another country for a calendar year return the... Climate there there have been some calls to change the laws of one country simultaneously complicated legal.! Obtained another citizenship automatically at birth on belonging to a particular ethnicity, but, non-EU/non-Swiss! By another country for a person can obtain citizenship by birth, but may exceptions... They voluntarily renounce it via a complicated legal which countries allow triple citizenship not ) not have a. The basis of holding one such citizenship. re-entry of the country lets duals-at-birth keep dual.. Paid from the U.S. tax that would be due associated with two categories of security concerns: foreign influence foreign! The child may acquire another citizenship. first German minister president to hold multiple citizenships a mutual on. Africa must apply for Portuguese nationality after 5 years of Residence your which countries allow triple citizenship for British..