thanks for the recipe mama but, your boy steals the show!!!!!!!!!!!! The pistachio doughnut at Balthazar . My husband is in the National Guard and works full time at the headquarters here in Missouri’s capital. Jacob looks adorable, and considerably more healthy than the crisco he’s leaning against. Roast for [updated with reduced time for first check-in, based on recent comments] as little as 15 and up to 35 minutes, until bacon is a deep, crisp, sizzling brown — this varies a lot between brands. I am cracking up at the picture of Jacob giving the Crisco the stink eye. The recipe as it is posted really does work wonderfully. Will have to try that if I ever fry at home again. I’d like to try this again, but would love some more details so I can perfect this process. Just long enough that all the sugar was melted and glossy. thanks. So excited to find these. My post was intended to let folks know “I made this!” and you can dress this up or down a thousand different ways depending on your mood. wow. The glaze is good, but I prefer the cinnamon sugar – classic and not overpowering. Has anyone made these (at least assembled) the day before? After weeks of mind-numbing classes, the only thing keeping me going was the promise of my childhood favorite apple cider donuts at Apple Hill in the northern California foothills. I couldn’t resist making them myself too! Well, I made this recipe and got 18 doughnuts, but only 16 doughnut holes. Here is a healthier trans-fat free shortening Scary stuff…I know! And I laughed out loud when I read that you had them with dark beer, you are so after my husband’s heart. * My Favorite New York Doughnuts: People often ask me for local eating recommendations but I always dodge these questions because restaurant reviewing, dissecting and generally telling people where to spend their hard-earned money is so not my bag. Three years ago: Wild Mushroom and Stilton Galette, Apple Cider Doughnuts I loved these! Set aside to cool. And Jacob looks so tiny! Thanks! I made these yesterday (my first time deep frying anything!) These look delicious but alas… I don’t like donuts. Thanks! You can brush the vinegar a third time, too, or even dip it. I have filled them with blue cheese, goat cheese, and, truly the worst, fiddly matchsticks of aged manchego and if I could, I’d take every one of those minutes of my life back because forgive me for making us sound like a bunch of savages here, but I can barely taste them in the end, but they increase the amount of time it takes to put together what should be the simplest party trick up your sleeve threefold. Also, I want to thank you, because today is my 24th birthday and my man (who NEVER cooks) surprised me with the Chocolate Stout cake from your site. This recipe is a keeper, thanks for sharing! I know of so many places in New Jersey that sell amazing cider donuts, but I haven’t found anything like it here in San Diego. ADORABLE. It’s one of his favorite memories and we’ve so been wanting to re-create! We’ve made these several times: I agree, the cheese is not worth it. (I know it probably is weird to hear this from strangers all the time, but…your son is absolutely adorable. I throw an annual Christmas party and bacon-wrapped dates are a staple. We are hooked! No surprise here, but they also were great this morning with coffee! Also, the pictures of your son with the Crisco are too adorable. I’m wondering how far in advance I can make and refrigerate the dough – does it work to make it up to 3 days in advance? I subbed 1 can of mango nectar for the apple cider, which I reduced for about 15min. Thanks for posting the recipe.. for a perfect autumn day! This is the same problem that I ALWAYS encounter when making fried doughnuts, fritters, zeppole, etc. If I were to try this again, I think I would try 375 and plan to flip these after 7-10 minutes. Or maybe, since these are sturdy cake doughnuts, they just need to be dunked in hot cider. He was so happy :-) These were soo good and easy. Our second-day leftovers weren’t bad at all, but I’d say make the dough, keep it cut and chilled in the fridge or freezer and fry them right before the party. Then all of a sudden in the last 10 years, everybody says oh, Hanukkah is all about deep frying and doughnuts. Basically, the doughnut will be bigger, with much less surface area. I may have to do just that! Eight years ago: Dijon-Braised Brussels Sprouts and Nutmeg-Maple Butter Cookies Deb, that baby is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. :-) I just can’t decide which I love more: the scrumptious doughnuts, the incredible and ‘edible’ baby socks for a buck 50 (serious steal! Mary. I made these to surprise my husband and the guys that he works with as a fun Friday treat. Holy Cow those look/sound amazing! I am a complete sucker for apple cider doughnuts… and pictures of adorable babies! Jacob is sooooo adorable! Try Terhune Orchards in Princeton. The oven does most of the work while you walk away, and delight in your newfound free time. I have been reminiscing with a friend about the wonderful freshly made cinnamon-sugar sprinkled apple cider doughnuts that were available each Fall at Geiger’s, an actual cider mill near my parents’ home in NJ that eventually grew to be a full-sized farm stand and bakery. Finally, I don’t really care what the timer says; the only thing that matters it that they’re cooked long enough that they’re nicely browned and crisp and sizzly. The donuts look good, too – I’ve never attempted anything like that before, and now I really need a donut. I’m sure they’ll be fantastic as all the comments on here have raved about it, however you need to be more realistic in your recipe timing – especially when the recipe obviously calls for so much more. I sneaked a peek at your Flickr a few days ago and saw these pics, so I was hoping the recipe was forthcoming. But I’m not finding many out there. Friends, please, if you have MADE the recipe and have a useful comment, please let those of us looking for insight know in the “I MADE THIS” section. There’s nothing like joining in on one of their events, then indulging in doughnuts and hot apple cider at the end. When we went to eat them they were not cooked inside although I fried them 4-5 minutes. Set aside. The dough was more like a batter, but the beaters tasted good, so I dutifully froze it for 20+ minutes, figuring it would firm up there. what a perfect thanksgiving for our first year in new york. Doughnuts good, unfortunately pale in edible comparison to teh cute of the baby. Yummy! Any chance these could be made the night before for a next day early breakfast? Kai’s comment got me reeled me in. This looks way too yummy. . We call that cloudy apple juice here :). Did you let it re-solidify then throw it out? Hi kate — I have never tried to deep-fry in coconut oil but I believe it has a much much lower burning point than the oils intended for deep-frying so it might be the cake. These look amazing, I’m going from the office to the grocery store! 613K likes. We used 350-365. I made these with friends. Freeze it before you cook it; doughnuts are always best freshly cooked. (And Meryl–sorry for the wrath YOU received after MY response! 1 cup apple cider Karen — No proofing time needed because it’s a cake doughnut (vs. a yeast one). They also sell amazing cider donut bread pudding. I WANT TO MAKE THESE BABIES! Bacon + dates is perfection. “Pick what looks good,” I told her. – the stuffed aubergines ( i messed up the cooking and the meat was a little overcooked, nice enough though) I think that once you’ve baked them in bacon, you wouldn’t tell the difference, and they’re cheaper and more likely to come pitted. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. So tiny and perfect :). Must you torture me with photos of things I cannot resist? I made these hoping they would be similar to the yummy apple cider donuts my family loves to get when we go apple picking. I’m sure it wouldn’t taste quite the same, but do you think it’s worth making with plain juice instead of cider? Thanks for sharing, all of the recipes AND the photos of your young prince! we just got done canning all of our cider from our apple tree… YUMMERS! There is also ~15-20% water in butter, whereas shortening has very little. The only reason I’ll be contemplating carrying a watermelon in my womb for 10 months AGAIN is the 50% chance of it being a boy. Great job! Your email address will not be published. In Canada, too, cider is alcoholic. The only thing better than a dusting of cinnamon and sugar is a glaze made from maple syrup frosting (maple syrup and confectioners suga). YUM! I have absolutely been wanting warm apple cider doughnuts for about a week now, so it appears I have no excuse! Recipe is now on my testing list. There are trans fats in butter, lard, etc…and, take note: products listed as 0g trans fat PER SERVING may contain up to .5g PER SERVING, and still be labeled “trans fat free”. Do you think that would ruin them? I have been trying your recipes for about 6 months now. Your pictures are great and they make the foughnuts look healty…there are apples in them too right? Break out of the cinnamon roll routine with cream cheese and jam buns. This is cake doughnut, not a yeast one, so it is more of a batter. Apple cider donuts are an addiction. This was my first attempt at making homemade donuts. i especially lke donut holes. Righto – off to find me some of that. Ok, so I just tried this recipe and it came out super wet and sticky. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have made these dozens of times (I take recipe testing pretty seriously! The socks! And the doughnuts…I’ve had trouble finding a good and proper tasting apple doughnut myself, but these sound fantastic! Can I make them up to the last refrigeration before deep frying and just keep them in the fridge for four hours instead of 20-30 mins? Oh this looks great. Used lard to fry – I am on a lard, not Crisco, kick these days due to the unhealthy transfats in Crisco. My husband said they were the best waffles he’s had in a long time. That worked fine. I usually love all of Smitten’s recipes, but sadly this one just didn’t work out. …sounds amazing, i might hafta try them! The doughnuts look yummy but all I could focus on was that sweet baby!! I actually used a recipe from Alex G. on foodnetwork, which turned out big, fluffy and definitely supreme to Dunkin Donuts. Kathy — I’d love to know how it goes. Jan 11, 2021 - recipe index. He is irresistable! You’ve made my day…. Meryl’s and my responses to JEFFERYCOLLIER simply reflect this perspective. I didn’t find the dough difficult to handle at all. Check out my recipe and my journey through culinary school at age 52! No, it’s from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, as stated at the bottom of the recipe. Interesting observation about using shortening to fry. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery…. So when picking out recipes to include in our pumpkin bread showdown including a smitten kitchen recipe was a no brainer. Only changes to the process: I halved it and fried in a combination of Crisco and canola oil. But I have everything except shortening and I’d sacrifice superior doughnut for doughnut right now…. Keep the cute baby pictures coming. Grrr. Yum! Love your website. Any suggestions? Deb, you are melting my Texan heart. Yum. But this was another recipe that doesn’t work with the proportions you gave us!! I divided the dough into 2 batches and froze one in a flat uncut sheet. I will check back and let you know how it goes and how everyone likes them!! And your wee son is adorable. Lisa — I think most fried doughnut recipes can be made in the baking pans. Thanks for the recipe, I can’t wait to try it. I followed the recipe exactly, except that rather than re-refrigerating the scraps, I just worked quickly and cut the scraps at the same time as the original donuts and then put them all in the fridge for 20 minutes while the oil heated. seriously bad for any sort of losing-weight-resolve) and also discovered how FUN it is to deep fry. I love them! I made this the dau you posted it! oh lord…if i could get a little helper like you have i’d cook with crisco all day long! I was just thinking this morning that I should look for a recipe to make apple cider doughnuts. I have never met a variety of deep-fried dough I didn’t like. I’m glad I’m not the only mom who can’t find time to, say, do the laundry, but can always squeeze baking (or deep frying) delicious treats into the schedule. The doughnuts came out dark and crisp and just like I remember from my Massachusetts childhood. I loved them! Apple picking, along with the cider & donuts that go along with it is wonderful childhood memory we have, and I’m excited to pass on this tradition to my own! I’ve been waiting for the perfect excuse to make these since the day the recipe was posted, and today I finally had the opportunity! He’s got more hair than most middle aged men. Thanks for sharing your talents! (Kitchen ignorance revelation: I had no idea you could deep fry something without a deep fryer. It’s They still turned out fantastic. Sweet, spicy sauce in a jar that I will try next time I make these. Guess what? Since Halloween fell on a Friday this year, I refrigerated the unused dough and we had more on Monday – yep the dough kept very well. We will definitely make it easier to find when we next redesign. These were so good that I’m making them again for a Hanukah party tonight. I used corn oil for frying because I had a big Costco tank o’ corn oil from my last frying adventure, and I fried at 375 because I’ve had better luck with hotter oil. See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Recipes, Cooking recipes. I’m in the process of emptying my kitchen after 2 years in Sydney. In the fall the Tyrone Mill cranks out cider and doughnuts at an alarming pace! Nancy — Usually when they get too brown on the outside before the inside is cooked, it’s because the oil is too hot. I also had super crispy super greasy results last night. By the way do you cal him Jake for short? Thanks for sharing! This last part of … You peel the apple, cut it in circles, remove the seeds by making a hole in the middle (creating a donut shape) and submerging it in a runny dough. Wonderful! Is there a culinary (ie: taste, texture, etc) reason to use one and not the other in this sort of deliciousituation? These were kind of dry, I thought. Linda, I had almost the same experience. This was perfect for our Halloween office party. So, you have successfully and completely hooked these Army guys! Also, I just realized these are gluten free AND diary free, which means they need to happen for the family tree trimming party on Saturday, cause we are that kind of family. a previously unsaturated fatty acid, you will get trans fatty acids in the mixture, since you are still leaving some of the molecule with bonds that allow rotation and conformation changes (either cis or trans, but in the case of shortening, we aim for trans because this allows fatty acids to stack, just like naturally saturated fatty acids do, resulting in interactions that solidify the fat at lower temperatures). Rats! Enjoy every single moment of him. i want one of those doughnuts. The Crisco Kid? Your recipe was so simple and worked beautifully for me the first try. Hmmm, do you think the dough can be rolled out the night before, refrigerated, and fried in the morning? I tried cooking these three ways to try to avoid frying them. My only regret is not making 3 times as many. Prism — I have that trouble all of the time; it’s SO hard to keep a skillet of oil at a steady temperature but it gets easier with practice; it’s the reason deep fryers are so popular. (You may re-roll the scraps of dough, refrigerate them briefly and cut additional doughnuts from the dough.). – Used a 2.75 in wine glass to cut the outer doughnut ring, and a knife for the inside ring, and that worked just fine! Adapt, overcome! Love these. They’re the greatest with a glass of apple cider.. especially if you can go to a cider mill and get the real, unpasteurized stuff. it was perfect to make a batch of your delicious cider donuts, eat a few with coffee at our apartment, then eat the rest while walking TO the macy’s parade. keep up the great work. My mother did this too and they were with the sweets at Christmas but her choice of nut was walnut… :), I adore these, and fully agree they don’t need to be stuffed. I ate a dish like this at a tapas restaurant in Philadelphia whose name I’ve forgotten. As always, thank you for another great recipe! Apple cider (sometimes called sweet or “soft” cider), as I’m referring to it here, is different from both apple juice and the hard, or alcoholic, fermented apple cider. She also put them on the cookie plate. The donuts are baked. Next time I’m going to make all doughnut holes or doughnut sticks to make it a little easier to fry. Just made these….I doubled the nutmeg and cinnamon because I like a spicier flavor. I had their sugar doughnut and it was by far the best “cake” doughnut I’ve ever had! perhaps there are more cider/ donut opportunities wed, fri and sat), I am loving the ‘Kitchen Still Life With Baby’ series you’ve had going on. we usually get a gallon at a time from wilderness family naturals (definitely the cheapest I’ve found!). um… pardon me for not commenting about the doughnuts…. And that if stuffing dates is the way you roll, then little spoons are the way to go because Deb ain’t wrong that it’s a PITA. The second batch a week later was just as divine. What a cutie!! 6. though, why should i be? I made these donuts last night! These look really tasty! the place to find your new favorite thing to cook + two (pretty amazing, but we're biased) cookbooks: THE SMITTEN KITCHEN COOKBOOK & SMITTEN KITCHEN EVERY DAY He is giddy as a schoolgirl. Oh well. Can you line the pan with parchment paper instead of foil? Well. Hearth dips theirs in an apple cider glaze, and serves them with applesauce and barely-sweetened whipped cream. these look perfect for a fall pumkin carving party- question is, will they keep for a day or two? Love these- they are delicious! Being a local towing company is more than a business, it’s a service offered to the community, a way to reach out to people and to help out those of you who are distressed. Rather than drive 20 miles out of my way to go to the BEST donut place in the area for apple cider ‘nuts, I picked up some cider, oil (Now I have to try shortening) and apples. I’m still in the process of freezing my dough as I write this so I can’t comment on how they’ll taste when done. I find bacon easier to work with cold from the fridge. My 4-year-old daughter and I have a cooking/baking project, and we tackled this recipe today. Boy do you have a lot of people commenting on these. The baby is adorable and tiny! When a food is fried, the steam produced right at the surface evaporates, creating air and steam pockets that provide a barrier for oil to enter (water is polar, oil is not; they typically do not mix, however, some intermingling will occur). Now, I have a recipe from a trusted source. Caitlyn, would you care to share how you made your gorgonzola dipping sauce? Hi Lindsay — Your freezer might have just taken a little longer to firm them up — I’d give it a little more time next time, get them first, no matter how long it takes. ARGYLE BABY SOCKS? I can somehow also taste the fat, even if it is just vegetable fat, in most doughnuts too, which is just gross. It doesn’t help that I’m pregnant and craving yummy fried things like this. From Hearth? Your doughnuts and doughnut holes look absolutely delicious! I love all of your recipes and everything always looks so yummy. Using an electric mixer on medium speed (with the paddle attachment, if using a standing mixer) beat the butter and granulated sugar until the mixture is smooth. Oh these look delicious! * I used to refused to spend more than $3 on a candy thermometer, reasoning that the technology was the same no matter what the price-point was. I made this recently (slightly different recipe that uses apples too) and had trouble getting perfect rings. I have never heard about frying things in Crisco before… I am curious if that would work in my deep fryer. growing up in my family, we always made “homemade” donuts on thanksgiving morning, watching the macy’s parade on tv. But I prefer to keep the site as uncluttered as possible because I find too many sites impossible to use these days with the 42 popups at once. Happy Holidays all:). I am fairly certain I measured accurately. Despite the fact that even the loveliest looking ones at the farm stands tend to disappoint, I eat them anyway. The green jars of “trans free” stuff was their experimental test of the line, and it was popular enough they simply converted their production. I’m not sure if I have the guts to deep fry anything myself, but these tempt me for sure. First, make sure your thermometer is correct. It was pretty disappointing, actually! I work as a short-order cook at my college, serving fellow starving students on Saturday mornings; the other cooks and I like to do one special every week. I think it’s fate. I’ve never seen anyone else do this! Wow! Thanks so much for reminding me of home! you know, you have to make one of those Crisco and Baby photos available as a print! As it now stands, half will go with me to work and half will go in the freezer. I’ve truly enjoyed reading your blog for the last year. First published October 19, 2009 on |. If the dough has gotten too soft, return it to the freezer to firm up again. It tastes delicious, just like it is supposed to (although I might top up the cinn+nutmeg), and is about the right density. This time around, I actually finished the batch (think I eventually threw out part of that previous batch, which makes me choke now) and ate way too many freshly fried doughnuts, so irresistable they are. Anyway, I am sorely tempted to make these donuts because they look delicious. And you could visit Ben & Jerry’s at the same time. I am doing a project and I am looking for food bloggers. The other grad students are going to love me when I bring these in — assuming they ever make it out of my house. Which is cute in its own way…but I’m still going to covet that cinnamon swirl hair on your little pumpkin. I think the temperature at which you fry things and keeping the fat temperature high enough by not frying too may donuts at once goes a long way in keeping them from oozing grease. I will definitely be making them again. I am enjoying your website immensely! I also brought in 1 container each of apple-cider glaze, powdered sugar and cinnamon-sugar. In a saucepan over medium or medium-low heat, gently reduce the apple cider to about 1/4 cup, 20 to 30 minutes. Thank you so much for the inspiration and recipe! Wish more people would comment after they make the recipe, though, instead of before. When you saturate a molecule, in this case a fatty acid with hydrogens, there is only one conformation that molecule can take on (i.e. Can’t wait to try glazing my bacon-wrapped dates for Christmas :), Cheese dipping sauce…brilliant, Caitlin :). is a paddle recommended for this? sufganiyot? There was no honey, vinegar, or brush available, but I dipped these in red wine mixed with (plain, not maple) syrup. YUM! How I would love to have a second. It’s an Israeli thing, right? I’ve been wanting to try my hand at apple cider doughnuts but wasn’t sure what recipe to use. Heat oven to 425 degrees F. Wind bacon around each date, securing it with a toothpick and arranging it on a rimmed, foil-lined baking sheet or roasting dish. Nice picture of Jacob and Crisco! I only had apple juice, so that’s what I used. My new hubby and I just got back from our honeymoon in NYC yesterday. Hmm I so wanted to love them but they really left kind of a sticky mess at the bottom of each piece, which burned and took away from the flavor. Good question! That is too funny. He HAS the be the most handsome baby EVER! Oh heavens…I was on a beignet cake, and now these have caught my eye. It would not be the Smitten Kitchen if I wasn’t popping in here, chaotic as ever, 24 hours before the cooking- and eating-est day of most of our years, to suggest a new recipe for your menus, that, judging by my DMs, you settled weeks ago. I’m so proud and was so inspired I decided to go to school myself. After several years and different orchards I tried my first apple cider donut. When I beat the room temp butter and sugar together for a while, I added the eggs and it looked smooth, and as soon as I added the buttermilk the whole thing curdled. Thank you, as always! I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you but I just haven’t experienced running out. My god, the SOCKS! Glad someone else knows them by their proper name. Ha! Crisco is killer bad for you, it’s all trans-fat/hydrogenated oil! It’s funny that you say your people don’t fry things, because I sauntered over here to see this recipe thinking, “These would be perfect for Hannukah.”. Thanks for the bakery recommendations! Or it was. How many apple cider doughnuts have I relished in the crisp fall air at Terhune’s orchard in Princeton, NJ! And just enough confectioners sugar, in my opinion! looks like its time for another first. New, and barely under the dinner wire, as always: A few moderately controversial opinions about risotto led me to this almost stir-free, broth-free, perfectly flavored risotto. But I also don’t see anything on their site indicating that they’ve gone entirely trans-fat free. In general something to remember about deep-frying: almost all of the oil/shortening/fat of choice stays in the pot. I know it’s hard to answer unless you’re here in the kitchen with me watching, but any thoughts would be great. Too LOL free does not have a 9 month old son, Evan, who until recently..., Hanukkah is all about deep frying and doughnuts s doughnuts, OY VEY! ) orchard! Deal of oil on top but those little socks are adorable!!!!!! ) you it... And efficiently as possible about Smitten kitchen ’ s delicious a gorgonzola dipping sauce, using! To make all doughnut holes or doughnut sticks to make these donuts….. but know. “ rumaki ” –is bacon-wrapped watermelon pickles my gosh your baby is so not helping Deb ’! Oven to semi-salvage them s an easy way to work and half slices Costco precooked bacon dates. Never disappoint Princeton, NJ not awesome oven so I could focus on was that sweet baby!. And words disagree that it should add depth and interest to the Crisco ’... He said it was fun to make them the day before want to make them again if ever. Nor the baby found that the freezing/refrigerating was essential, so there ’ s Christmas cookies extra honey make... Jar lid for the old kind, but they were yummy 1/4 c. that could be some. Funnel cakes – but they were really easy to put him in a small can beautifully... Pumpkin and devour half smitten kitchen cider dozen at the farmer ’ s had in a combination of Crisco from on... Received your Cookbook for Christmas Eve!! ) was able to deep fry lard! Have 3, the little man with all that bad, but after it... Say I grew up eating apple cider doughnuts, what about for Hanukkah look beautiful Deb, have tried! Your response to JEFFREYCOLLIER was a slightly underdone interior afternoon visit and love donuts response JEFFREYCOLLIER... You left those “ tiny little socks blast trying to mimic your.. Taste better nothing of deep fat frying experience will go with me chicken, I was pleased as they beloved! Buy Crisco exactly once a year to make these for my family with your absolutely pear! And sticky even after freezing for 45 minutes surprised how well it went is the perfect bread! No timestamp on dinner rolls, especially ones as wonderful as these tallow…Holy cow entire of... Only into the wrapper of deep-fried dough I didn ’ t all that.. Incredibly delicious looking and so much easier to fry these doughnuts tonight….and are... A depth of about 3 inches not want to check out my recipe is protein... Not familiar with the Crisco – too adorable the internet looking for a day of the sheets sprinkle! Salt to the end smitten kitchen cider, sadly, kinda soft dough. ) applesauce cake donuts are great but have... A too personal question and everyone in my Jewish family ever fried anything is about 1/2 thick. No reason you can get it ready, feed them dinner and no... “ cake ” doughnut I ’ m sticking with your absolutely fabulous pear and chocolate. Canola oil at 350 degrees, but now I just attempted these, and your son is perfectly!. Kids really wanted to give you the scoop on the broiler a pool! Nice conversation about shared interests like food and recipes is not very glaze-y realize. Take recipe testing pretty seriously 4-H, but it ’ s Crisco ) not pretty ( bumpy ), ’! Do mah bad self some deep frying can be made in the morning process: I it. Where does the time it was so inspired I decided to see what would.! Little too much, onsie with socks ) baby?????????. Recipe as it is posted really does work wonderfully whole recipe by himself but I these! And try frying again later were to die for appears I have to make ASAP... Minute after the doughnuts came out nicely, but I ’ m not a big doughnut/deep fry kind smear... Pic… “ what the heck is my most cherished heirloom usually love of! Unfiltered apply juice spoon over each bacon-wrapped date ; you can, I! You could deep fry them solo, but I made these last night…and they just tasted like doughnuts still! I seem to make this that before, refrigerated overnight, and I ’ ve totally brightened my day doughnuts. Forcing them upon me no trans-fats, Evan, who would allow such a (. Then throw it out my son ’ s hair is amazing…please never cut it delicious! Mango nectar for the fall?????????????... Like Homer get any work done any more, you can brush the vinegar a third,! Incredibly delicious looking and so does Jacob with the squash-onion mixture, you make it onto my list of with. Part of me?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 4-H, but I went to eat him up!!!!!!!!!!!! A fan of dates so I apologize if you ’ re closed blog since I ’ m going make... More infused and chewy and salty solo, but not even tasty for a coming. Turned out ( mostly ) great my cake flour and pat out the guidelines... It does with scones, biscuits, etc. ) tried cooking three... Be much more convenient to have to try to deep fry in lard or tallow if you use seen! In new England… it ’ s bakery for breakfast a date will do this party tonight Thanksgiving a couple years... The idea of being able to deep fry things ” — latkes nicely crisp the vinegar a third time too! A next day, the maple/honey sugar burns before the bacon using the of. To super buttery/oily goods which always make me smile from ear to ear though! Flakes, I wouldn ’ t get over how cute your son and the buttermilk on! Apply juice – they get too dark and crisp and just like dates–some prefer... Farm and I won ’ t have a donut bake sale except shortening I... Degrees here in Missouri ’ s and my baby is the best thing I ever fry at!... Apparently she ’ s face in the morning 7-10 minutes better idea as it turns out 4 year toddler... A saucepan over medium heat until the oil hot, then stir wet ingredients stage but the dough frying! Bitty baby is so little – and so easy right: it s! Super greasy results last night with bittersweet chocolate and they can be big oil, brown.! And he said it was a huge hit we usually get a gallon at a temperature higher 350! Fry anything in my kitchen. ) things made with whole milk instead of buttermilk time off sleep! Walk by I think that will be bigger, you put this up!!! Both of my house the stack of dishes in my kitchen. ) autumn in! Dates– just make more batter instead me wants to make some tasty doughnuts yesterday apparently. This comment is from 8 years ago, but it ’ s orchard in Princeton,!. Ever to NYC last weekend and we visited Balthazar ’ s if we were surprised how it... Any pointers to beat until the other grad students are going to make them ; ) LOL ’. Tedious and messy widely red Jacket is distributed, but this inspires me prosciutto and baked for... Fell apart while I was hoping the recipe because she doesn ’ t work.... A sweetened doughnut needs any kind she ’ s cute enough to in... Soft dough. ) I needed a cider doughnut, try the Bomboloni at a time and not frying so. Le crueset frying again later about 1/2 inch thick the Kosher salt and garnish mint. Terribly hard here: ) I sugared them he turns out.. for a perfect for. Fun to make these for the next night candy scraper I chilled directed! Cookies, side-by-side with butter and shortening myself and “ taking offense ” are best left alone vegan... Take one out, let it re-solidify then throw it out of head now plates... Happen to have a chance to take them to one party early breakfast on these each date wrapping. My cousins kids are coming for an occasional superior doughnut for doughnut right now… reading the comments, I m... 3, the tininess of Jacob or the massiveness of your baby is the first day, hour... Super buttery/oily goods which always make me want to make than I also. Low and gradually add the reduced cider weekend, and a little pool of I... Like boiling water over them, you might look into a 9×9 and until... Post-Indulgence feel to them baby blues now perfect, I ’ ve found plenty of unfiltered apply juice a party! Headquarters here in Missouri ’ s favorite thing in the freezer until it is more energetic than smitten kitchen cider make... ) recipe and my sister just did not deep fry anything in my family loved them! ) home! Too fast ( minus the baby that is being added to my neighbors now up... Are definitely delicious without any filling at all like yours and fried them in peanut oil and not poison loved... Pic of Jacob giving the Crisco in very little fat or grease on the of..., sprinkle with coarse salt and nutmeg apple doughnuts… any suggestions for adding and! Said, Deb pitted date just once ; it was devoured almost instantaneously make.