Once the race starts allow the masses to pass and settle into a comfortable pace. 100% Upvoted. With that said, make sure your training plan has some downtime which you can dedicate to your family. Fortunately, my wife took a keen and vested interest in my passion. In October 2006 I decided to try my first triathlon. My first full distance IRONMAN is in the books and what an experience it has been. Make sure they understand that for the next few months you will need their support to focus on training. I became a student of the event, watching, reading, asking questions. “MonkeyBoy”) in the tent. My First Ironman Experience. By Dr. Steve Jonas | Dec. 16, 2020, 4:44 p.m. (ET) 1985 marked my third season in our sport. My first ironman experience. What I never considered was the running and swimming I had to do as well. Sometimes we tried to do the math and figure out pace charts in our heads, but we knew times mattered very little. I guess it was 1999 when doing an Ironman became a goal. Liz has agreed to offer insight via this interview. 75 likes. Someone else told me that the training and the process of preparing is what makes the iron person. IRONMAN is a totally different animal and even if you are a seasoned runner, set yourself up for success by limiting the expectations that you put on yourself. I trained about 10 months for my first IRONMAN 70.3, and had a 7 hour and 15 minute finish. I am turning into one of those. hide. The encouragement scripted in chalk on the pathway from fellow athletes and family was awesome. We discussed everything from alligators, music, families, real estate and VW Beatles (I don’t know why) to what we should eat or drink next. Still, I had no one but myself (and some bat-eating bastard in Wuhan) to blame for the predicament I now faced. I like to keep perspective on what is actually happening in an IRONMAN 70.3 distance race. Encouraging words from friends, family members and co-workers kept me moving. We were home. The initial feelings were of panic and anxiety and it was very tough to get settled into any kind of rhythm. Carpooling and driving the bike course on Thursday helped ease the fear of the unknown. So, here’s a little advice: Think of the bigger picture, upcoming life events; vacations, kids, school, weather, work commitments, etc. They greeted every runner with open arms and were happy to do whatever was needed to keep us going. I headed back into the water for lap 2. At that time, I  hated running and had never run more than five kilometers before. Find a swimmer you can draft off of and stick with them to conserve energy. Time meant nothing. Although I was intrigued and I understood the concept on an intellectual level, I really didn’t feel it at the time. I do vlogs,gaming and trailersCreator Code: 28SWZ6https://teespring.com/stores/matte-a?page=1 The energy and emotions will flood your body like nothing you’ve ever felt in your life. Instead, focus on getting a feel for all three disciplines, it is easy to distract yourself with power meters, fancy heart rate monitors and sweet aero wheels. Go. Sort by. Then it got really ugly. In 2018, I did my first half-Ironman at 70.3 Muskoka in July. Is that so much to ask? Or “That race already filled up”. In fact, the whole damn week had been dark and stormy. And low and behold I was free and clear and back on the beach in 1:24. The one problem and recurring fear was the fact that I swam like a cinder block. Refocus on the task at hand, stay hydrated, don’t lose motivation and lean on your fellow athletes and supporters to energize you to the finish. Each turn was manned with Police. After that, settle into a comfortable pace but be ready for your body to start to feel uncomfortable. The tension mounted. Sure, I could get through the short course stuff. I’ve got the entire race in my head ready to be ‘downloaded’ to paper, but I’m thinking Part 1 of this story should probably be the run-up to the race, not the race itself. On your first finish line, I suggest not sprinting toward the end, but instead just jogging through, giving high fives to the crowd of spectators and setting yourself up for the best finish line picture you can get. In and out of the saddle, I made my way up and down the scenic roads. Consider renting a car since you want to be off your feet as much as possible, and having your own wheels will keep you comfortable and minimize the stress of public transportation. I grabbed what I needed and was on my way. These “host hotels” typically have a discount for race participants, pre-race dinners and are ready for athletes on race morning with breakfast and transportation if necessary, which can save you additional costs you would incur if staying farther away on the cheap. This thread is archived. For a couple of years I found all kinds of reasons to put it off. Again, I was very happy with that as I ran into transition and onto phase two. But before you are able to enjoy that feeling, a slight 140.6-mile obstacle stands in the way. The daunting task of training for an Ironman race is made easier with BRATs, and learning from the experience from almost every Ironman race in the world, so wherever you intend to race we can help you. It follows his training routing, equipment, nutrition and most importantly his outlook on life and the positive attitude required. metalcupcake5 Active Member. On the day it was brutally hot, humid and a course that was very hilly on both the bike and run. Discussion. First Ironman, Costs, Training, and Competing I’ll take one broken toe. For example, she would swim 2km, … By Annabel Luxford. Just remember to make sure the car is big enough to fit your bike and gear. By 18 that was too long to run, so it became a Run Club workout, just run 6 minutes and then walk 2. Then be honest with how much time you can dedicate to training, carefully considering your family and work obligations. Wetsuits: They come in all price ranges, and generally speaking the less expensive models lack flexibility and don’t feel as natural as the premium models. From that moment on, I was drawn to something. Riding 180k on your own is so crazy! I draw parallel lines between the challenges we face in sport and those we face in life and try to use my involvement in the multisport world as a tool to encourage people to break through barriers and understand that all things are possible. Race Week: Race week was kept as close to a the standard week I’d been going through for the previous 6 weeks, including doing all my usual training right up until the Thursday before the race. I gazed around hoping to catch a glimpse of family, but I didn’t spot anybody. I would stand among the masses of other iron people, sharing a common thread and even a common existence. I went into the race with no major goals other than pushing myself, enjoy my birthday and finishing. And eventually, it began to come around. By race day you should have the appropriate miles under your belt, your nutrition plan should be keeping your energy levels up and you should be mentally ready for anything that might come up unexpectedly. We got to know each other and greatly appreciated each other’s company and support. This translated in my head to “Let the party begin”. Creating too much pressure on your first event also takes so much of the fun and excitement of this new experience away from you. This post covers experiences of my first Ironman. I guess the true beginning of my quest would have to be the very first Hawaii Ironman Triathlon that I watched on TV. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. My First Ironman. Archived. Mission Accomplished! The motivation behind my first Ironman Ambassadors Community. This will help ease the mind a little in case your goggles break during your swim, or you get a flat and run out of air. It was a dark and stormy morning too. 1; 2; 3; Next. So, what did I do? “I’m not swim ready yet”. At this moment all you can do is trust in your training, enjoy the day and take it all in. First Bonemerang on Ironman? I once read, regarding why one would want to do a race of this magnitude, that “If you have to ask why, you will never understand”. Everyone has his or her reasons for being there. You will be in no condition to spend time packing up a bike post-race, and it’s worth the money to be able to use that time celebrating with loved ones. As an IRONMAN athlete myself whose roots were set firmly in the sport of running, I can totally understand the curiosity of an IRONMAN event to a runner. No formal training and a very lean but muscular frame made for much anxiety in the water. Many coaches say that an IRONMAN race doesn’t really begin until about mile 90 of the bike. But eventually I did. We decided to head out and stick together for as long as we could on the run. On the day it was brutally hot, humid and a course that was very hilly on both the bike and run. After your first event your coach can work with you to set strategic goals based on your training and outcome of the first to set realistic but challenging goals for the next one. So, you want to do your first IRONMAN? You’re absolutely right. I've been grinding otherworldly beings from ranged level 27 to 45 now. Believe everything that they say about the first 40 miles of the Great Floridian Triathlon being hilly. That’s what I want to cover. As the sun set and the race really started to spread out, we realized just how dark and lonely the iron distance could be. As the race got closer Sophie started to do more brick training: she combined two disciplines in one workout, one after another with minimal or no interruption in between them. Before the race, I’d only done a few sprint triathlons, so 70.3 Muskoka was going to be a learning experience. The first 10 minutes was a full washing machine. of we went. But also believe everything they say about this race being one of the most gratifying things you will ever experience. Amping up the distance simply means that you can do harder things. My first Ironman Experience Published on June 13, 2018 June 13, 2018 • 23 Likes • 6 Comments. I immediately felt a part of something. share. The good thing about exiting the water in 1:24 is that you don’t have to look too hard to find your bike. It will be an emotional and physical roller coaster with its own peaks and valleys. For the next five plus hours, Mark and I hung side by side. Leave a reply. So, just run to the next aid station and walk through, take your time getting your fluids. We reflected on the support crew that had gotten us that far. Sometimes we just ran or walked in silence. For me this experience came in July when I entered Mirror Lake at Ironman Lake Placid. Now that are you a newly minted IRONMAN, now what? Nobody will be surprised to know that Daniel loves challenges. Adjust and adapt to the situation. My First Ironman Experience – Part 1 20 Apr. I watched the countless Ironman athletes come through my studio doors and I would always go home and say there is No WAY! This is just a matter of experience. From registering to racing and everything in between, here's a basic overview of what you can expect (and some questions to ask yourself) during your first IRONMAN experience. The best way to avoid those crazy decisions made during a post-race high is to make them ahead of time. 15:20 after I started, I crossed the finish line with my kids and realized my dream. If you are there, you know why you are there. Anxzayity. The Home Ironman Experience (my first triathlon) Share: [Unofficial MARATHON #1 / Triathlon #1 / 4 April 2020] It was a dark and stormy night. My First Ironman Experience Reflections on my experience during my first Ironman triathlon. My First IRONMAN (Relay) Experience Posted on May 20, 2019 May 20, 2019 by Ashley Edwards Last year I was signed up to compete in Ironman NC 70.3 as a relay team. Close. I went into the race with no major goals other than pushing myself, enjoy my birthday and finishing. A 1.9 km swim in open water, a 90 km ride on a racing bike and 21 km of running. I have practiced sports my whole life. Is that so much to ask? Ironman Whistler 2014. I must admit that the beginning of the swim was a bit rough. You always want to leave your first event of any distance happy and energized to improve and continue with that distance. level 1 . I had one goal; to finish. Make sure you select a hotel close to the start/finish line. My first ironman experience. So expect and prepare yourself for the difficulties that are bound to come up. No girl. When this happens, take a deep breath, trust in yourself and keep your sights on the bigger picture: You will be an IRONMAN! I finally got a chance to put faces to many of the names that I conversed with through the race’s on-line discussion forum. My legs felt good, but my stomach had enough bouncing around and was letting me know just how much it wanted it to stop. Before the race, I’d only done a few sprint triathlons, so 70.3 Muskoka was going to be a learning experience. Once they saw me, they ran to my side and each grabbed a hand. hide. The key to training is consistency He described it as melting your body down to the core and reforming it much like the process a blacksmith goes through to form hot molten metal. Last year I was signed up to compete in Ironman NC 70.3 as a relay team. From 5k’s to 10k’s to short distance triathlons and duathlons to 10-milers to half marathons to my first marathon in November of 1994. I understand that too. I’m not exactly sure which year, but I feel like it was 100 years ago. There is no such thing as a silly question. If it is a mass start and you’re really not comfortable swimming with the swarm, hang back a bit before you head into the water. https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/what-to-expect-for-your-first-ironman This is the moment when it is critical to pace yourself. More than likely, it was probably around 1982 or so. Enjoy this moment, this is what you have been preparing yourself for all of these months. Always make sure you are breathing and relaxed. They didn’t look too far away. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Remember, it’s a long day out there so one little obstacle shouldn’t make or break your race. I must have done something right because I smiled through the entire bike portion of the race. Finally, the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, the release of the Doves and the cannon’s blast signaling the start of the race. Discussion. 100% Upvoted. I trained for my first Ironman triathlon in under a year, I completed the race but the experience wasn’t ideal, I learned a lot from the pain, injury, cramps and nutrition failures. At one point I went for some water at an aid station and heard the words “Yeah DAD”. Deciding on an Ironman as my first venture into triathlon was greeted with incredulity and astonishment combined with a hint of, "well, you're full of yourself aren't you?" Be smart and pace yourself. I share these lessons not only as my personal experiences, but also as the advice given to me from all the various Ful-on-Tri members who have been so kind to share their experience with me this season. Gear View all Gear Swim . We could hear the cheers and race announcer Brad Rex’s voice echoing through the streets. I even ordered the prior year’s race video just so I could watch it over and over again. As with all things worthwhile, it will not be easy, nor should it be. It’s less than pleasant to have to do a four hour ride in the heat of the summer, or to run three-plus hours in sub-freezing temperatures. Sometimes visualizing a different person or memory for each mile can help get you to that finish line. Training gear, bike, nutrition, accessories, training races, wet suit and shoes are all things to budget for. To say I was nervous was understatement! Last Sunday, the big day finally came around. I started getting confirmation back from family members and friends that they were planning on making the pilgrimage from Philadelphia to Florida with us. I would tell myself. That way once the race is over and you know if you want to take a little break from training or set a new time goal and sign up for the next race right away, you’ll have a plan and be making smart decisions. Nov 20, 2019 - There's a lot of experience in training and race execution to be taken away from my first Ironman triathlon. YBN_Zay Well-Known Member. From that moment on, I was drawn to something. The finish line of an IRONMAN event is indescribable. My First Ironman Experience. However, I wasn´t a big fan of the uphills. Every stroke I grabbed someone and every second someone tried to take my ankles. Be prepared to drop some cash. As the Asia Pacific Championship event, the field was star-studded with World Ironman Champions, Half Ironman World Champions, … Continue reading My First Ironman I knew I absolutely needed more. report. What race to choose, what plan to follow, whether or not to hire a coach, what training group to join, etc. metalcupcake5. level 1 . Whatever, I’ll deal with that later, I thought. The 10 things I wish I knew before my first Ironman . Get quality gear as it will pay dividends in the future. best. The day began with breakfast at 3:30am and when I arrived at bodymarking at 5am a light mist was coming out of the air. My First Half Ironman Experience – a detailed race report by RollingThunder – TriCoachGeorgia June 5, 2015 / in Blog , Race Reports / by Slayer We chose to share this race report by RollingThunder aka Troy Garland because we believe that it illustrates the many variables that go into the lead up to and actual race of a first time half ironman. "Be the change you wish to see in the world " - Gandhi. And when in 2013 climbing Mt Fuji in a crazy 24 hours Sea-to-Summit (meaning, well, climbing 50kms and almost 4000m altitude difference in 24 hours) I met James Baird, I knew I met even bigger challenger than me. Some races have partnered up with companies who take care of bike and gear transport and it is definitely worth spending the money on this service. More than likely, it was probably around 1982 or so. I was going to be an IRONMAN. It took me almost 30 minutes to stand up and I told myself "AYOKO NA!"