As my favorite saying goes, "If you give a starving man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you  teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."  I, Michael Jacobs, founded the "Thank You Plan" as a result of my 17 years as a financial professional.  Over this time, I have had the privilege of educating individuals and families with the necessary information enabling us to work together to define their financial future.

During my time at Towson State University where I graduated with a Mass Communications degree, I was fortunate to have a network of people who helped me recognize my resources and gave me the confidence in which to use them.

It is my belief in giving back that allows me to have the same type of impact on people's lives.  I am lucky in that I get to see the end results of my work.  It's gratifying to see the smile on parents faces who can cover the costs of their kids college experience, people retiring in comfort, families who are insured regardless of what life throws at them or seeing the lightbulb go off over someone's head when they are put in a position to make financial decisions for themselves.  It's always nice to hear the sigh of relief from adults who now know they will be able to support their aging parents and it is awesome when you can empower a mom and dad to have the conversation with their kids about "How Money Works"

Having grown up 10 minutes from Robert Moses Beach on Long Island, NY, I developed a passion for the ocean and love for anything having to do with the beach,  As a big sports fan, I will admit to my 35 years as a Mets fan.  I also enjoy watching football and basketball and try to work out so that my clients and I can remain Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.